13 Days of Pumpkin Beer: Day 2 – Tommyknocker Brewery’s Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale

Guest blog post by Alia Broman

#2 – Oct 2, 2013: Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale by Tommyknocker Brewery (Idaho Springs, CO)

Apologies for my tardy post.  Being a full-time doctor during the day and a semi-professional classical musician occasionally doesn’t leave me much time to spend on my one true love: pumpkin beer!

tommyknocker-small-patch-pumpkin1Year of conception: 2011?

Color: malty, chocolaty brown; little head when poured

ABV: 5%

Cost: $9.99 + tax for 6-pack of 12oz bottles

Availability: most liquor stores great and small

Description by Tommyknocker Brewery: A hearty brown ale brewed to celebrate the fall harvest season. Brewed with a hint of spice and a touch of molasses, Small Patch has a malty backbone rounded out by an addition of real pumpkin to the mash and brew kettle. Think outside the patch!”

While Small Patch is hailed as a seasonal beer only enjoyable in Fall, the full, stouty-richness is a flavor I could curl up with during Winter snow storms.  The molasses overtones and slightly burnt signature stout fragrance make you want to happily drown in your glass.  The pumpkin spices are also semi-submerged in this brown ale, but tend to surface when you least expect it.  A bit dark for my taste in pumpkin beer, but a noble triumph nonetheless!  If you wear many different hats (as I do), you too may enjoy this subtle spin on an Autumn classic!

Pie Pieces: 3 – Orange


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