I am a CRAFT BEER CULTURE CONSULTANT with over six years of experience.

Brewing for Work


  • Extensive ethnographic research about craft beer, home brewing in the united states and specifically Minnesota
    – Capstone paper titled “Beer in American Identity: The Return of Home-Brewing”
    – Paper about the microculture of homebrewers and homebrew supply stores
  • Home-brewer for six years, happy kegerator owner
  • Three plus years experience in market research field, understanding consumer needs, desires and thoughts, planning and conducting qualitative research and analysis with Minneapolis-based market research agency
  • Created content and editorials on all topics including alcoholic/adult beverages, craft beer, food for a market research advisory company
  • Brewed 3 5-gallon batches of beer for corporate party, labels, party design, beer education (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Beer publication supporter and reader (BeerAdvocate magazine/website, Beer Connoisseur magazine, Draft magazine)
  • Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply Store Advocate and Lover
  • Softball team Papa Thrash sponsored by Steel Toe Brewing Company (Summer 2013)
  • Attended Kitchen Window course on beer and food pairing with female Cicerone Nicole Erny (1/2012)
  • Founding Member of the Fair State Brewing Cooperative
  • Consulted with start-up businesses and craft beer-related companies
  • Attended Saint Paul Summer Beer Fest: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Attended Winter Beer Dabbler St Paul: Jan 2012
  • Attended Autumn Brew Review: Sept 2012




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