Hey, ladies! Are you tired of being relegated to Smirnoff Ice (except for Hannah, we all know it’s her fav and we’ll leave that as it is) in terms of drinking, marketing, and well, brewing? Well, look no further. Here are a plethora of girl power (!) resources for your general enjoyment. Trust me, I’ve seen way too many pictures of dudes on brewery websites, and although they’re cute (I mean, we’re women not eunuchs) it’s just not enough anymore*.


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* Ok here’s what I’m torn about: is it a good thing that women make a big deal about being involved in/with beer, etc? Maybe not. I mean, I personally like being ‘one of the guys’ when it comes to beer and beer-drinking so maybe it should be a thing that isn’t a thing and we can all enjoy it together (like sports and bras amirite?!). I don’t know, I just want to say that I feel like I’m not necessarily always part of the beer club being a female and there have been plenty of times when men act surprised when they find out I’m into beer (read: know more about them than beer) and I homebrew, etc. So in that sense, I seek out other women who know a lot about beer but also I want other women to feel equally empowered to know more about and embrace beer fully, as I have. Cheers!


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